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Strange Attractor is a term that refers to a system in chaotic motion. Access points to the site are:

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The poet Stevie Smith  - her life and work by Anne Bryan

Stevie Smith homepage a introduction to Stevie and guide to the other pages
Biography - an brief account of Stevie's life and work
Stevie Smith's Suburb - Palmers Green, North London.
Stevie’s connections  in the literary scene

Explorations of Stevie's poetry:
'The Jungle Husband': a trek into the jungle with an animation by Xavier Gale -Sides
'Frog Prince': a dip into a deceptively simple poem.

Smiths suburban cats NEW an introduction to three of Smith's suburban cat poems:  'Tidzal', 'The Singing Cat' and 'My Cat Major'.
Stevie's religious poems: her doubtful disavowal of Christianity and questions to God
Childe Rolandine'  considered with Robert Browning's 'Childe Rolande to the Dark Tower Came'

Accounts of events at which Stevie Smith's work has been performed :
The Stevie Smith Centenary Festival  in Palmers Green in 2002
Stevie and music - musical adaptations of Stevie's work
Stevie's Blue plaque: the Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion, unveils a blue plaque at Stevie Smith's house in Palmers Green, London and reads Stevie's poems.

Links to other Stevie Smith sites



A short biography of Charles Darwin  by Anne Bryan:

‘A Simple Guide to Evolution - a short history of ideas on evolution
'Unsung by Singers'  this essay considers  the physicist Richard Feynman’s lament that few people write poetry  inspired by our present picture of the universe
A Flash of Golden Fire considers the love of nature with reference to a poem by Coleridge, travel writing by the explorer Mungo Park and a sci-fi novel by Philip K Dick.

Poems on Darwin and other Animals

Darwin, Wallace and pigeons
Tidal Haiku illustrated by Hilary Griffiths


Anne Bryan autobiography

The Poet Chris Torrance
 -  A biography and new poem

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