Tidal Haiku

Words by Anne Bryan

Images by Hilary Griffiths



The moon plays yo-yo -

bouncing the sea on a string

of calculations.






The waves murmur -

oystercatchers give a clear

black and white answer.




When the tide exclaims

‘take up your shell and walk’

limpets get moving.





As the tide comes close

crabs hidden in rocky nooks

twitch swivelling eyes.





Curlews and turnstones

follow the nourishing tide

to its furthest ebb









When tides storm the beach

Crabs armoured like tanks retreat

and hide in the rocks



Stranded by the sea

heaps of seaweed and  flotsam

sand hopper heaven.





The forceful ocean

ends in flickering bubbles

                            on the shifting sands.






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