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                                                                                                    Anne Bryan's Biography


Photo by Susie Ryall 28/12/12

Anne Bryan started writing  after retiring from work as a general Practitioner in Barry, South Wales.  Anne has always been absorbed by the natural world which she sees as rich in ambiguity, with its ever inventive diversity of life, its intense struggles and conflicts and the endless connections that unify an extraordinary chaos. Since 1988 she has been working with a group of volunteers to maintain the Cwmtalwg Local Nature Reserve near her home.


 Anne enrolled at Creative Writing and Literature classes at the Lifelong Learning Centre at Cardiff University. In 1999 she was awarded a D E Evans prize for a collection of poems and prose, ‘Strange Attractor’ which centred on the legend of Saint Melangell, a Celtic saint whose emblem, like Persephone and Demeter, was the hare. The collection looked at the way Celtic and pagan cultures saw the natural world, and how we could no longer see it in the same way. Her poems explored the controversies that arose when Darwin's theory placed man and animals as close together as Melangell and her hare. Since then Anne has written a number of poems which attempt to see life from the standpoint of what is known of evolution at present, and to explore the interface between science and religion. She was awarded a second DE Evans prize in 2007 for her work in the Lifelong Learning Class 'Writing in the Museum', which meets in the National Museum and Galleries of Wales in Cardiff..

Anne attended an Arvon course on writing for the Internet and then transferred some of the Strange Attractor collection to a web site. Since then the site has changed as Anne's interests and her writing has evolved. Stevie Smith’s poems immediately spoke to Anne when she first read them about 10 years ago, and Stevie’s seriously absurd work continues to fascinate her. In March 2003 Anne and her tutor Jan Carew and fellow students presented ‘An Evening with Stevie Smith,’ when a reading of her poems was linked to episodes in her life. The Stevie Smith section of the web site attracts many visits and has gradually expanded in response to the interest shown by visitors to the site.

Writing essays for the Lifelong Learning courses  encouraged Anne to explore her interest in literature which she studies with the Open University and was awarded a first class honours degree in Literature in 2011.

The site includes short biography of Charles Darwin, a Simple guide to Evolution, and 'Unsung by Singers', which considers the scarcity of poems on science. Anne's interest in the natural world is reflected in the poems on the site which take off from her studies of evolution and literature.

Anne also maintains pages for the poet Chris Torrance on this web site.          

You may  print any work by Anne Bryan on this or any other page of the web site for your own use or to pass on to a friend, and you may also quote Anne's work in assignments as long as the source is acknowledged. Please don't copy anything from this web site into magazines, newsletters or other web sites without permission or acknowledgement.  Ask for permission by E mail  

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