Stevie Smith


In this section of the site there's a biography  and a page on Smith’s connections to other writers. There’s a page on Stevie Smith’s poems about God and her position as an agnostic who was always in danger of 'lapsing into belief'. Music was important to Smith, who often used to half sing her poems, and there’s a page on Smith and music which details the work of composers who have set Smith’s poems to music.

stevie smith

The links below will take you to an exploration of some of Smith’s poems: 

 The Frog Prince

Childe Rolandine

The Jungle Husband  

Fafnir and the Knights



The page on Suburb also explores how the place in which she lived for almost all her life influenced her writing. There’s also a small collection of photos of Palmer’s Green

My blog will take off from themes in the Darwin and Smith pages

I have not explored her novels or the drawings that illustrate her poems, though I do refer to them occasionally. 

The Collected Poems and Drawings of Stevie Smith, edited and with an introduction by Will may and published by Faber and Faber in 2015 is the best collection of her poems, there is also a Selected Poems and an earlier, less comprehensive edition of the Collected Poems.

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