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Heat Poets CD

We are happy to announce the release of the new CD/Mp3 download album by the Heat Poets. The CD will be a strictly limited edition of 100. Both the CD and download version will be available directly from the artists. The download version (only) will be also be available at the usual outlets of iTunes and Amazon from January 2014, however we prefer that you support the artists by buying directly from them.

Text by Chris Vine





        Poem ... May2014


sedge warbler meditation

sedge warbler illumination

a million spatial oddities

in one goddam thrill


wee brown bird

I never see

buried in willow and rush

chirruping & rattling


then one clear note

flying from sonic rubble

bird with art blakey

did they record together


the sound seems


as though on

alternate speakers


windup warbler goes again

child's clockwork toy

ratchety wooden wheels

over ruts & gravel


rising imperatives

all the way up to 11

scolds  screams

soccer game on wasteground


the whole audio circus

referees whistle

on multiples of subsong

I can't possibly hear


(with apologies to

Edward Thomas & his poem

"Sedge Warblers")


Copyright Chris Torrance. 

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